This self-paced, online program will prepare Electrical Apprentices for the Michigan Electrical Journeyman's Exam. The program specifically focuses on the knowledge and skills needed by Michigan Electricians working primarily in the residential and commercial building trades. Trainees will receive a comprehensive foundation covering all aspects of safety, tools, print reading, electrical principles and measurements, functions of components, equipment and motors, wiring and understanding the National Electrical Code.

Upon completion of this program, among other tasks, students will be able to:
  • Select the correct practice to avoid shock when using electric tools and working with electricity.
  • Recognize the basic electrical symbols used in electrical schematic diagrams and wiring plans.
  • Explain how voltage, current, and resistance are related.
  • Use Ohm's law to solve electrical calculations.
  • Describe how to bend and install conduit, wiring, and cables in residential circuits.
  • Identify and learn to install various types of motors, control devices, including hand operated switches, automatic switches, magnetically controlled devices, and remote control systems.
  • Identify and learn to install various types of protective devices, including fuses, circuit breakers, and ground fault circuit interrupters.
  • Explain when and where cable, conductor fittings, and conduit fittings are used in electrical installations.

NOTE: The USDOL Office of Apprenticeship requires a minimum of 144 hours per year and 576 hours for the full 4-year program,
including the Michigan Electrical Board's required minimum of 450 hours of Core training.

Minimum Program Duration, per DOLOA: 576 hours (144 hours per year x 4 years); Penn Foster's Duration (as listed): 600 hours
Minimum Program Price: Average per year price is approximately $1,400 + s/h (with books and all materials included!)

Penn Foster's Michigan Electrical Apprenticeship program