Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does your program meet all requirements of the 2010 Electrical licensing law?
A. Yes. The program is approved by the US DOL's Michigan Office of Apprenticeship (DOLOA), as well as meeting all "Core" content requirements of the Michigan Electrical Administration Board.

Q. What does your program cost?
A. The program will average about $1,450 (+ s/h) per year, per apprentice. Penn Foster does not charge any other fees (textbooks, registration fee, lab fee, etc)As the only fully online provider for the 4 year program, Penn Foster is the least expensive option for apprentices! Penn Foster ships and invoices one year at a time, as the apprentice must complete at least 144 hours of RTI/book work each year. Each year of Penn Foster training contains at least 145 hours of RTI/book work.

Q. How do I enroll/when can I enroll?
A. If you are a employer or an apprentice, please contact Rick Bruno, the Michigan Training Consultant. See Page 4 for his contact information. Penn Foster has "open enrollment", allowing you to enroll at any time.

Q. How do I get my apprentice card?
A. Once you enroll, we will electronically sign Page 2 of your apprentice card application and email the application back to you. The employer and apprentice fill out and sign the rest of the application and submit to the state, who will process the apprentice card.

Q. Does the apprentice have access to an Instructor?
A. Yes. Instruction support is available via a toll-free number or by email.

Q. Can I get credit for prior schooling or experience?
A. Most times, yes. All credit evaluation is on a "case-by-case" basis. Please call Rick Bruno at 518-894-5125 for more information on submitting transcripts for review.

Q. Can I complete my RTI ("book work") hours before my year is up?
A. Yes, all Penn Foster programs are self-paced and apprentices can complete their training as quickly as they can. However, their OJL hours cannot be completed in less than 4 years.

Q. What does an employer need to do to get started?
A. Please contact Rick Bruno, the Michigan Training Consultant. See Page 4 for his contact information. If you choose, employers can register as a program sponsor with the DOLOA (Department of Labor's Office of Apprenticeship) at 517-377-1746. Employers must also choose an approved RTI ("book work") provider, which Penn Foster is.
(NOTE: If participating in Davis-Bacon/prevailing wage work, registration with the DOLOA is a requirement, not an option. There is no fee to register with the DOLOA.)

Q. How does an employer track their apprentice(s) progress?
A. Penn Foster provides each employer with a login to our LPP (Learning Progress Portal) management system, which allows access to your apprentice(s) records in real time (what they are enrolled in, what they've tested on and their grades). Penn Foster ships and invoices one year at a time, removing the need to "track" RTI hours. As each Year contains at least 144 hours, when the apprentice finishes their current set of books within one year of their enrollment date, you'll know they have met their minimum required hours. Thus, completion of the full 4 year program will meet the required minimum of at least 576 hours of RTI. 
(NOTE: If registering with the DOLOA, they provides access to the RAPIDS system, which allows employers to record their apprentice(s) OJL hours.)

Q. What are the minimum requirements?
A. The USDOL's Office of Apprenticeship requires 144 hours of RTI (Related Training Instruction...the "book work"), along with 2,000 hour per year of OJL (on-the-job-learning, which is supplied by the sponsoring employer). The Electrical Apprenticeship is an 8,000 hour program, meaning it is a 4-year program, requiring a minimum of 8,000 hours of OJL and 576 hours of RTI (Related Technical Instruction, aka the "book work" at 144 hours per year x 4 years.

Q. What if the apprentice has enough OJL hours (8,000+) to sit for my Journeyman's Exam?
A. If performing Electrical work in Michigan, you must either be licensed or be "actively participating" in (meaning enrolled in) an approved apprenticeship program. This will allow you to sit for the Exam. If you pass, you you do not have to continue training. However, if you fail, you must continue training until you test and pass or complete at least 4 years of training. Within each year, you must either pass your Journeyman's Exam or complete at least 144 hours of RTI ("book work").