Welcome to Penn Foster's Michigan Electrical Apprenticeship!
Do you perform electrical work in Michigan and are you:

  • a new or current Electrical Apprentice who wants to train online?
  • an employer in need of approved online training for your Electrical Apprentices to be in compliance with the 2010 licensing law?
  • a college or trade school looking to partner with a training provider?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, allow me to welcome
you to Penn Foster's online Electrical Apprenticeship program. This program is approved by the Department of Labor's Office of Apprenticeship, while meeting the minimum requirements of Michigan's Electrical Administrative Board, providing compliance with the Electrical Administrative Act's Electrical Licensing requirements. With thousands of Apprentices having enrolled in our cost-effective program, Penn Foster has become the premier choice for all new and current Electrical Apprentices in the state of Michigan!

Penn Foster has been providing Apprenticeship training for more than 125 years! Our unique, flexible program offers no travelno on-site classes to attend and no lost production! The perfect balance between the Apprentice's work, school and home life!

Our blended-learning solution provides a printed Study Guide for each course, as well as online Guides, followed by online with instant grading. Penn Foster's Electrical Apprenticeship program includes everything the Apprentice needs...the materials, testing, grading and Instructional Support, as well as administrative access via a Learner Management System, which allows employing sponsors to view their Apprentice's grades and progress in real time.

As Penn Foster's Training Consultant for Michigan, I'd like to help you get your Electrical Apprenticeship program registered and your Apprentice's enrolled. Please call me or email me today, so that I can answer any questions and help ensure your company's compliance with the Electrical Administrative Act's Electrical Licensing requirements.

Rick Bruno
Michigan Training Consultant for Penn Foster, Inc.